borborygmus5000's Journal

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at stars.

I like all things sweet (except cupcakes and fake saccharine voices).

I can appreciate beauty in most things, and this is not limited to literature, food, fashion and scenery. But I can't appreciate fixation on beauty; there should be a limit to narcissism and vanity and my threshold happens to be very low where such self-absorption is involved.

People who write/text with copious interjections of *blushes*, *smiles* and the like creep me out. I know for sure it's because of this guy I used to date and he gave me goosebumps whenever he did that excessively. There are many other endearing ways to gush or express happiness, like with parentheses or hyperbole. Please. Just. Don't. Not here at least.

Please do not re-post, translate, plagiarise, or save private soft copies of my writing. I still edit my posts from time to time because I'm really finicky about using the right expression. I've been told that I am generally warm and congenial, but I know for sure that I can unleash heaps and heaps of vitriol. So there, you've been forewarned.

On a lighter note, I love discussions and dissecting plots/characters/whatnot. Verbal interactions and exchanges stimulate me the most. I will most definitely entertain comments/messages.
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